Craig’s Favorite Colorado Building

For 16 years as a Denver prosecutor, I went to court every working day at the City and County Building.  Since then, for the past fifteen years, I have been in private practice handling criminal and civil matters in courtrooms throughout Colorado.  There are  many interesting courthouses in our spectacular state, but none of them can top the City and County Building as a grand edifice.

I love its big courtrooms with space to move around, and actual windows.   I remember when Raymond Burr came to my courthouse to film Perry Mason.  There have been so many memorable trials and verdicts that I have experienced in this block long building constructed during the New Deal.

Denver has a new criminal courthouse and I have successfully tried cases there, but that building is so sterile and cramped.  Thank goodness Denver civil trials still occur in my favorite courthouse.  So many times, criminal cases and civil cases share facts.  If somebody in Denver has broken the law and hurt you, call me and I will work hard to get you justice in my favorite workplace.

Check this video to see and hear what I am writing about.  Craig’s Favorite Colorado Building

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