Our Firm

Craig Silverman and David Olivas met at the Denver DA’s Office. They successfully prosecuted many dangerous Colorado criminals including Quentin Wortham, Denver’s infamous Capitol Hill Rapist. Craig and David formed Silverman & Olivas, P.C. in 1997 and have continued helping victims ever since.

Craig and David frequently represent crime victims in the civil justice system. It is a traumatic event to suffer a physical assault or theft. The human brain and body are fragile. Craig and David enjoy pursuing civil justice when people have been damaged through the misconduct of others. Silverman and Olivas has a long and distinguished track record of successfully pursuing justice for auto accident victims.

When 65 year old Sally McGee got injured in a car crash in Northglenn, she called Craig Silverman and he sued the at fault driver. The defendant’s insurance company offered $5000, but the Adams County jury said case was worth one hundred times more — $500,000. Now that doesn’t happen every time, but at the end of almost every case, the clients of Silverman and Olivas are happy.

Sally McGee told the Denver Post, “I was worried that justice was never going to be served. I’m very pleased with the court system and pleased with Craig Silverman, who has been my hero in all of this.”