Metro Denver is suffering through a series of horrible homicides.  Other violent crimes are also increasing.  There are too many victims and not enough resources.  If you have been the victim of crime, there are sometimes means of obtaining justice outside the criminal justice system.

It is my honor to often help victims of crime.

It is a shocking reflection of the state of current Denver media that lots of smart people are unaware of the quintuple homicide that happened this week in the center of our city.  Five innocent people were killed at a bar near the intersection of Alameda Avenue and South Colorado Boulevard.

This summer is definitely rivaling 1993’s Summer of Violence, but back then we had two thriving newspapers and excellent broadcast outlets.  Now, the Rocky Mountain News is gone and broadcasting budgets are reflecting our bad economy.  Some great reporters, like Kirk Mitchell, remain on the job but they are stretched to the max.

People have different ways of getting information but if media is not paid to cover it, no one can re-tweet the reports because there are none.

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