Trial Lawyers Push GM to Come Clean on Ignition Issue

The below sound bite is one of the reasons why we are proud to be trial attorneys. Large companies (including insurance companies) will sometimes lie and hide the truth to protect themselves. Their motivation is profit. When ordinary people get hurt by big companies or big government, it takes tenacious lawyers to battle to find out, and then prove the truth.

It appears that General Motors knew of the defect with their ignition switches in many of its vehicles, including the 2005 Chevy Cobalt, but opted not to fix the issue because redesigning the ignition switch would have cost $0.90 per car.

It is rare we hear trial lawyers praised in the corporate media. We believe that General Motors decided to come out with its version of the story now only because of the victim’s pursuit of justice with the aid of excellent trial lawyers.

CNN’s Michael Smerconish gives his excellent opinion about the merits of trial lawyers who have helped to expose these kinds of truths.

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