Nothing is more natural than a prosecutor becoming a personal injury lawyer.  Prosecutors and personal injury lawyers help people who have been hurt when a law has been violated.  There is a natural instinct to help victims.  We enjoy fighting for justice on behalf of people who have been hurt by the misconduct of others.

Prosecutors and personal injury lawyers understand how to satisfy a burden of proof.  Civil cases are prosecuted, but the standard of proof is only by a preponderance of the evidence. That seems easy to former prosecutors like us who were used to proving cases beyond a reasonable doubt.

We like to go first and feel that is a huge advantage when trying to convince a jury or a judge.  We are the producer, director, and one of the star actors in the drama that unfolds in the courtroom.  We like that major role and do our best to make all of our witnesses into courtroom stars.

So many times, criminal cases also give rise to a civil personal injury case.  When somebody drives carelessly or recklessly, they are going to be prosecuted and it is important to figure out what is happening in the criminal justice system.  Other times, the crime is more serious than a traffic offense and interaction with the prosecutor is important.  Current prosecutors instinctively trust and respect former prosecutors.

Prosecutors learn how to be tenacious and fight back against bogus defenses.  As a prosecutor, you learn how to work with an investigator.  You also frequently interact with the police.  You need to do those same things as a personal injury lawyer.  That’s why you should hire a former prosecutor to be your personal injury lawyer.

But here is why hiring a former prosecutor may have its biggest advantage.  We have tons of trial experience in presenting cases before juries.  Insurance companies are keenly aware of those plaintiffs’ attorneys who have the experience to take a case to trial and win, and those plaintiffs’ attorneys who rarely, if ever, go to trial.

Former prosecutors also have obvious advantages when they represent people who are accused of crimes, and who are frequently innocent, or are being overcharged by overzealous government lawyers.

David Olivas and Craig Silverman were remarkable Denver prosecutors.  Click on their bios to learn more.